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Weather in Turkey July


Weather in Turkey in July (hot holiday

turkey weather july

We have chosen to use Izmir in the west and antalya in the
south to show you the weather. This covers the most popular
tourist destinations.

Hottest months for Turkey are July and August,
with average and we must stress AVERAGE air temps of 28 degrees. So
there are going to be days when the temp gets alot higher.

That sea temp has followed suit and warmed up further, and again we stress that those are average temperatures.

Turkey holidays are so popular on the south coast
because of the warm Mediterranean Sea.

Definitely a Turkey Holiday Hotspot, the
Turquoise coast, check out the likes of Alanya and Antalya for
taking advantage of that holiday sea (see weather by region – top).


Ave. air temp.
28 28
Ave. sea temp.
27 27
Rainfall (mm)
2.2 2.1
Rainy days
0.6 0.7