Fethiye Turkey weather forecast

Fethiye Turkey weather forecast

Sitting in the South West corner of Turkey, just east of Marmaris – this the start of where you experience the warmth of the Mediterranean See.

It is only about 50km away from Dalaman airport, making it far enough away from the larger resorts, but a short and comfortable transfer.

More about Fethiye
We are very lucky to have someone living in Fethiye to write for us.

What’s the Fethiye weather like ?

Here are the past averages ;

Fethiye Turkey Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Av High 13 14 17 20 25 30 34 33 30 25 19 15
Av Low 5 5 7 10 13 18 21 20 17 13 9 7
Av Sea Temp 15 14 14 15 17 21 24 25 24 22 19 16

More about Fethiye
As we said above, we are very fortunate to have an ex-pat that now lives in Fethiye offer to write about the area for us.

Barry runs the
Turkey’s For Life… blog site ;

A Blog to tell everyone what we get up to in Turkey, complete with biased information
and recommendations for things to do in Fethiye…and other places too.

Here is what Barry has written for us about Fethiye, make sure you visit his site too ;

We first came to Fethiye, Turkey on holiday in 1998. We were always the type of people who say that we would never go to the same place twice. But we loved Fethiye so much that we came to this part of Turkey again in the summers of 2000 and 2002.

Then, in September 2003, we sold up in England and came to Turkey – supposedly to travel around the country for 6 months before heading back to Britain to think of something new to do.

Except we never really left Fethiye – and we never moved back to England from Turkey.

We went to see a small house on the seafront between Fethiye and Çalış and sort of just fell into buying it. But we’ve never regretted the decision to stay in Turkey for a single minute!

All the things we first loved about Fethiye and Turkey are the things that still keep us here now. The beautiful harbour and marina, the laid back Turkish lifestyle, the lovely Fethiye weather and all of the wonderful things to do within very easy reach.

In Fethiye itself, there are lots of fantastic places to eat Turkish food and drink local drinks. One of the best restaurants is Meğri – an open-air place in the centre of the old town of Fethiye. A great tip is to not order from the menu. Check out the fridges and pick out a few of the meze (starters) along with whatever meat, fish or vegetable main dishes look good. They do a fantastic steak there.

Also good if you fancy something maybe a little spicy is the Moziac which serves traditional eastern Turkish food. You can find that in the pedestrian square across from the Post Office in Fethiye.

And to wash your food down? There are many bars along the harbour where you can sit and relax with an Efes beer or a glass of wine and people-watch for hours. At night time the best place to be is the Deep Blue Bar in Paspatur – the old town of Fethiye. They play the best music and the atmosphere is always friendly. The first time you go there you
feel like part of the family. We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like Deep Blue Bar.

There are many good places to stay in Fethiye no matter what your budget. Two that are a little bit special though are the Yacht Hotel and the Sundial Hotel. The Sundial Hotel is about 10 minutes from Fethiye on the dolmuş (public transport buses in Turkey) and has the best views in the area. There is also a swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

There is no end of amazing places to see on a day out from Fethiye too. Within easy reach is Öludeniz with its world-famous beach and lagoon. Also, you can visit Kayaköy (old Greek ghost town), Dalyan, Kaş and Kalkan within a couple of hours from Fethiye. If you want to head a bit further out, then it’s still not too far to get to the ruins of Ephesus and the strange but beautiful white travertines of Pamukkale.

The one thing that you are pretty much guaranteed of for the summer months in Fethiye is the perfect weather to do whatever it is that makes up your ideal holiday in Turkey.

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